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Either way i have looked through pages and pages of google trying to find a solution to no avail.

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I spoke at Stanford last year about starting a tech company. Most senior employees who join are given 2% if they join early. And some of them will be from startups that are already very successful. We’re all friends when things are moving up and to the right.

Since I’m a nontechnical founder, and I have spent nearly 15 years working in highly technical environments, I’m often asked by other nontechnical founders, “How do I know when it’s them and not me?

An idea that keeps you up all night working through the who, what, where, when, and how.

Or they’re prohibitively expensive, and you lack startup funds. These are all viable options, and the right one is going to depend on your background, your product, and your resources.

This is a conundrum many entrepreneurs (or wantrepreneurs) face when they’ve stumbled upon an idea for a new app or new software. Are investors going to take you seriously without a technical cofounder? While it might be hard at first to figure out which option is going to be best for you, the good news is that not having a technical cofounder is not the end of the world. Don’t waste time and energy trying to recruit a technical cofounder Here’s the thing about recruiting a business partner.

You wouldn’t marry someone after a first or even a second date.