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“I’ve been recording so much—I didn’t want to break up that body of work,” the 38-year-old said in reference to King Push.

Diddy is a prelude to his King Push record due out in the spring.

Instead of having those moments throughout King Push, let’s just separate the game.” Push is back!

D Music president revealed December 18 is the release date for his sophomore follow up . “I feel like I had the producers doing things that they weren’t usually known for, a little out of their wheelhouse. That’s the music I love, and that’s the music that my fans love from me.

Between 20, Richards was a member of US girl group Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money - a group featuring Sean 'P Diddy' Combs.

This project isn't just about the musical experience but also the visual as well.

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The name change coincides with the announcement of his upcoming solo album, , according to the report.Top 5, but can send you to the Most High Dope boy and that's even in the bowtie Oh boy, cause you know I got them close ties (All aboard! (UH...) Lord forgive me I'm a sinner, oatmeal in the winter Talkin leather interior, oak wheel in the center My niggas deal opium, still in the OBM Condominiums in the center of Ethiopia (Whaaa? ) The last train to Paris Wheels look like a Ferris, your jeweler should be embarrassed (hahaha! The angels are flyin so loooow, singin to you (Don't you hear me callin you? (cause I hear 'em callin me...) And he's the one you trust... ) Dirty Money all they seein on them Phantom plates Seats blue jeans and it's treated like a cabaret Five shots, now they need a roll of yellow tape Wit a Glock, make a scene, I'm the F. she thought, shrugging to herself and causing her tan cleavage to jiggle. Still trying to help find the next hot, young starlet? ” —– An hour later Mel stood at a podium in the large conference room set aside at the Con.” Mel chuckled, trying to ignore the jiggle of Kaley’s large, golden breasts. Always offering a helpful hand,” he said, trying to ignore the beautiful girl’s firm, thick, athletic body. Mel placed his arm around Kaley’s broad shoulders and began walking her to the specially set up conference room. On one side of the room was a large stage hidden behind a thick, red curtain and on the other side set the over two dozen Fanboys and girls filling up the room to capacity. Music’s Prez Pusha T Is “Untouchable” On New Track The record, which features production from Kanye West, Timbaland and P.