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The Jumbo Size was designed to replace the maxime (see below), intended for a small individual meal, such as a small stew.

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Recently, analysts have been using real-time tracking to observe the comings and goings of Craigslist's high-traffic success, and they are finding (to the surprise of few) that escorts are (ahem) whipping used cars sales by the numbers.

Then, the other day, a friend pointed out that it might not be just an affinity for Orbit Sweet Mint, but an oral fixation.Crazy sex ads on Craigslist isn't news or a secret, and the Casual Encounters ads are commonly regarded as a reliable source of entertainment and titillation for parties and long days at the cube farm alike.Even more interesting -- for scientific purposes, of course -- is looking at how people are using the ads for sex and what they're up to. Using a very unscientific method of stat gathering, while relying on a tried-and-true knowledge of colloquial sex terminology and search-fu skills that cut like a knife, I set about data mining Craigslist Casual Encounters over a seven-day period -- and compiled an Excel spreadsheet that would make a Microsoft development team squirm, beg for mercy and then pass out.Of course, in Freudian fashion, he theorized that we develop such a fixation because of some traumatizing childhood experience, and he believed oral fixations were connected to breastfeeding.Freud theorized that the way we’re breastfed (or not breastfed) as babies profoundly impacts how we see the world as an adult.(NSFW Google document online here.) I mean, what girl doesn't want to know in which San Francisco neighborhood men think they're the best hung?