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I'm so lucky to not only be a part of the legacy of the show, but be a part of this technology and this version of the show. As I said, it's just ridiculous to me that I‘m in it!

“Jeez, I remember when you caught my bouquet and how you couldn’t stop blushing. Back then, if someone told me that you two would be doing that again at your on wedding, I would of laughed.” ONESHOT-R&R. Nor do I own We Could Be In Love, Lea Salonga's duet with Brad Kane.

Within a week, the production team had pretty much overhauled the entire film; amongst the major changes were the removal of Aladdin’s mother- something the rest of the team had considered for some time despite its musical consequences (see below) and having Aladdin limited to only three wishes.

Today we are talking to one of the brightest lights in the Broadway galaxy who has wowed West End and Broadway audiences alike with her tour de force performances in MISS SAIGON and LES MISERABLES, sold out stadiums the world over with her acclaimed concert appearances - many of them also available on CD and DVD - and, now, Lea Salonga tells us all about her experiences with LES MISERABLES over the years - the star-studded 10th Anniversary Concert Dream Cast performance, to essaying the role of Fantine in the Broadway revival opposite Norm Lewis and Aaron Lazar, among others, to preserving her take on the show‘s most famous song, "I Dreamed A Dream", and the role of Fantine, for all time in the stunning 25th Anniversary LES MISERABLES: LIVE IN CONCERT, available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

BLACK FRIDAY Production for Aladdin was not a smooth process; in the original pitch, Aladdin was a much younger character, about 13 years of age, and he lived with his mother.

Studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg thought the script “didn’t engage”, and on what came to be known Black Friday among the Aladdin animators, Katzenberg told the team to scrap virtually everything they’d been working on for months and start from scratch, without revising the movie’s release date of 25 November, 1992.

#magicaltiming #bestvacations." Pretty sure our seat neighbors at The Hollywood Bowl last night were so over me and @therealanaortiz screaming "Go Vanessa" really loudly. @vanessawilliamsofficial killed it at Sondheim on Sondheim. Seeing my #Ugly Betty Family always makes me so happy! #Hollywood #newyork #bronx #queens #longisland #newjersey #miami #florida #America #hiphophead #texas #centralpark #sanfrancisco #atl #brooklyn #manhattan #film #Malikyoba #netflix #Connecticut #wutang A post shared by malikyoba (@malikyoba) on reunited at the TV Critics’ Association summer press tour on Wednesday, August 2 to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the series finale.

We always want TV shows to go on forever and movies to have infinite sequels, if only to see our favorite casts share the screen again and again.After THE LITTLE MERMAID was completed, co-directors John Musker and Ron Clements turned their attention to writing a first draft script with Linda Woolverton providing a screenplay. ALADDIN was the second Disney animated feature to use fully rendered and textured 3D CGI moving backgrounds, in combination with the traditionally animated character animation, a process experimented on with THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER and utilised to great effect in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.This in turn would lead to the creation of “Deep Canvas” a technique developed by Disney 7 years later for use in TARZAN which allowed traditional hand-drawn characters to exist seamlessly in a fully three-dimensional environment."David, I think we should do a reunion," the pop star said in a Snapchat video of the pair. Will you side with the Globo Gym Purple Cobras or the Average Joe's?Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge and ENTER through our bio link or at @omazeworld @benstiller #dodgeball #charity #ballmeblazer #brandonmolale @brandonmolale A post shared by Brandon Molale (@brandonmolale) on co-stars reunited on Tuesday, July 18 in Greece!Most importantly, she shares her most pressing political and moral concerns as they pertain to our thorough consideration and discussion of the prescient themes at the core of Victor Hugo's classic tragedy and what message the novel and the show have for audiences today around the world - as well as much, much more!