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I decided I would like to tone things down a notch, plan a more calm and relaxing date, and take my husband to one of MY favorite places… Of course, I would have to add some creative touches to make sure he enjoyed the date as much as I would. It was harder than I thought to find quizzes in the magazines.We then headed off to a bookstore – I chose Barnes & Noble mainly because they have wooden chairs, armchairs, & couches scattered around the store. If you also have a hard time, you can adjust that task to just finding a great article to share with each other.You should definitely take the time to get to know a bookworm’s adventurous spirit.(Photo via) They’re Romantic: The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, Gone With The Wind—these are some classic romantic novels that bookworms eat up.If you’re starving for a little romance in your life—a bookworm is who you should be dating.

You’d be surprised by the amount of game a bookworm has. They’re Adventurous: Ever wanted to try river rafting? Bookworms spend their free time reading about far away lands and exciting adventures.They love to read all the mushy details, and stockpile those ideas for their own romantic explorations.A true bookworm will go far beyond the traditional flowers and chocolates and move onto professing their love for you in the pouring rain without an umbrella.Reading is definitely not something he would choose to do for fun.Most of the dates I have posted so far have been pretty crazy…Whether it's Kindle or paperback, non-fiction or fantasy, like books, we bookworms come in all shapes and sizes -- and are truly ideal companions. Here are 11 reasons book lovers make the best lovers. Or our thoughts on the most beautiful library in the world.